Missionary trip to Macedonia

Missionary trip to Macedonia

Conference Jesus is here again and Missionary trip to Macedonia


On 6th to 8th May in International Lulin Center was held conference named Jesus is here again for second contiguous year. Guest speakers arrived from Macedonia, Denmark and Bulgaria. On Saturday (7th May) after the morning session a team of 25 people went to a park and made evangelism. We split the people in teams and sent them to give their testimonies and sharing the gospel to the people. More that 70 set of New Testaments newspaper and brochures were given to the people. During these days God saved, healed, delivered and blessed many people. Our brother Emmanuel Totev also took part of the event with his church New day.


On Monday 9th May group of 5 people (Vladimir, Borislava, Radka and two evangelists from Denmark) traveled to Macedonia. On our way we stopped in town Kustendil, near to the border with Macedonia . We had revival meeting, lunch and continued our trip. In the evening we arrived in Shtip, Macedonia.

Our host Jimmy took us on Tuesday morning with mini bus and we served for one day in four different churches in four villages Rosoman, Gradsko, Tsrveni bregove, Kavadarci

We were really touched. Village Tsrveni bregove has approx. 400 inhabitants. The church was mostly of children. More than 30. They were singing with all their voice the songs and the presents of the Holy Ghost was very strong among us. This village was the poorest that weve ever seen (we felt like we are in Africa) but with open heart searching and loving God. Only last month by a government project initiated by pastor Jimmy in the village was built water-supply net for first time in its history. The fields were planted with crops and processed and now the people living there have hope for income and better lifestyle.

Our host from 5 year is organizing churches to places that no body is going. He is ministering in 18 churches every week. We are seeing that God needs workers in this Macedonia. We pray God to send us again for helping and ministering.

Prison ministry

On the next day, after coming back to Bulgaria (Wednesday 11 May) we visited the central prison in Sofia. We preached to 50 prisoners and all of them took decision to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior. In the evening we finished with service in Bankya church.